Volume 37 Issue 12
Dec.  2020
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LU Ying, XUN Xiaowei, YANG Zhiwei, et al. Research progress of nano-hydroxyapatite and its composite materials as drug carriers[J]. Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica, 2020, 37(12): 2953-2965. doi: 10.13801/j.cnki.fhclxb.20200814.002
Citation: LU Ying, XUN Xiaowei, YANG Zhiwei, et al. Research progress of nano-hydroxyapatite and its composite materials as drug carriers[J]. Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica, 2020, 37(12): 2953-2965. doi: 10.13801/j.cnki.fhclxb.20200814.002

Research progress of nano-hydroxyapatite and its composite materials as drug carriers

doi: 10.13801/j.cnki.fhclxb.20200814.002
  • Received Date: 2020-06-22
  • Accepted Date: 2020-08-13
  • Available Online: 2020-08-14
  • Publish Date: 2020-12-15
  • Nano-hydroxyapatite (HAp) is an ideal inorganic drug carrier due to its good biological activity and drug adsorption ability. In this paper, the drug loading performance of nano-HAp was described by three aspects: Biological safety, antitumor activity and drug adsorption. Moreover, the effect of HAp micromorphology on drug-loading performance was also discussed. Furthermore, the classification, preparation, drug loading and drug release of nano-HAp composites were systematic reviewed, which aimed to provide a theoretical basis for application as drug carrier of nano-HAp and its composites.


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