Volume 40 Issue 3
Mar.  2023
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LIN Qiang, LIU Zanqun, YU Lei, et al. Mechanical properties of emulsified asphalt rubber concrete[J]. Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica, 2023, 40(3): 1560-1568. doi: 10.13801/j.cnki.fhclxb.20220513.003
Citation: LIN Qiang, LIU Zanqun, YU Lei, et al. Mechanical properties of emulsified asphalt rubber concrete[J]. Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica, 2023, 40(3): 1560-1568. doi: 10.13801/j.cnki.fhclxb.20220513.003

Mechanical properties of emulsified asphalt rubber concrete

doi: 10.13801/j.cnki.fhclxb.20220513.003
  • Received Date: 2022-03-18
  • Accepted Date: 2022-05-07
  • Rev Recd Date: 2022-05-07
  • Available Online: 2022-05-16
  • Publish Date: 2023-03-15
  • The effects of emulsified asphalt (EA) on the mechanical properties of crumb rubber concrete (CRC) were explored. The fine aggregate was replaced with 5%, 10% and 15% rubber by volume in concrete, and different EA contents corresponding to 4, 6 and 8 layers of films covering the surface of rubber particles according to theoretical calculation were studied. The results of compressive strength, flexural strength, splitting tensile strength and three-point bending experiments show that, compared with the unpretreated CRC and NaOH pretreated CRC, the compressive strength and splitting tensile strength of the CRC with different rubber contents are greatly improved by adding different amounts of EA, the peak displacement increases and the flexural elastic modulus Eb decreases significantly; when the mass ratio of emulsified asphalt to rubber is 0.15 (6 layers of EA film), compared with the unpretreated CRC, the average increase in compressive strength is 3.5%, the peak displacement is 27.6%, and Eb is 21.8% lower for CRC at three rubber contents, emulsified asphalt-rubber concrete has a more prominent composite effect of mechanical properties.


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